Flo Jitz (Courtney Morris-Carnegie) is a UK based digital & traditional artist. Self taught over the last 6 years, he is constantly creating new work to fine tune his skills for the creation of comic, game and storyboard projects. Born and raised in London in the early 80’s, from a young age he has had a keen interest in classic cartoons such as Thundercats and Transformers to movies like Akira to name a few.

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Growing up reading Marvel, DC and Image comics he began to follow his passion between classes filling he’s work books with sketches and doodles. Finishing Secondary School with an A* grade in art, he then took his creative ideas in a new direction and studied music production and composition for two years in college.
It would be another 2 years before he picked up the pencil again. By this time he was now reading mangas and watching animes such as Bleach, Naruto & Berserk with a plan to write and create his own comic in the near future. Before that could happen, he had to learn a new set of skills both artistically and socially as the dynamics had changed at the same time he was finding him self creatively.
Throughout his life, Courtney has faced many hurdles and challenges but a desire to improve and peruse his dreams always keeps the creativity alive.

In the zone...

“Plan for the future but live for the moment, My dreams won’t out pace my desire to make them a reality”

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