Some random advise… (take it or leave it)

I really need to give more attention to my own damn site!!! Its been MONTHS! Still I see some new followers? “Are you real or bots?!”

Either way, welcome. I’ve been busy



Some people learn this skill sooner rather than later in life but it still remains one of the most valuable life lessons no matter what age.

“Sooner would be better though”

We all at some point think we know how everything works, it’s only when we have done it “our way” and failed do we decide to take the opinions of others more seriously. The key thing I realised towards my late 20’s is that I had become the person I didn’t use to listen to. Speaking to my younger family members, offering advice based on my experiences and receiving the same kind of look I used to give others.

“You don’t know what your on about”

“Things are different now”

“I’m gonna do it my way”

These are a few of the most memorable responses I can recall. What usually followed was a chain of events and lessons learned the hard way that resulted me being told.

“You had a point back then…..” or “Maybe I should have taken some of your advice….”

Lessons from experience lessen the likelihood of the same mistakes being made. Maybe a few new mistakes! but it’s better to make informed decisions I think. I now try to gain at the very least a little knowledge on things I am planning to try, getting information from people who have walked a similar path before. Inspired by their successes and mindful of their failures.

We have access to unlimited knowledge via the internet so between looking at the latest trending topic or viral video, take a moment to think about the research and planning that has gone into the content & media you are consuming. Somewhere there is a team of people who have become very efficient at creating and or distributing it. I’m sure they researched, took advice from someone or made many mistakes to get the formula just right.

Make the decisions now, you will thank yourself for in the next 5 or 10 years.

DAY 31

So the month has now passed..

31 days, 31 words 31 pieces of art. All with different workflows, mediums and time to complete between life in general.


Simply put, the main thing I’ve taken away from this year’s inktober challenge is ‘time management’

Finding that balance between work and life is more important than ever. If your young and use your time wisely your older self will look back and thank you for it.

I don’t think my abilities have grown as an artist by doing this challenge but I now have a better idea of what I need to do more of “and less of” to continue my growth.