Black Panther

So as I finished up my latest piece of fan art this week it got me thinking. Black Panther is tipped to be one of the biggest movies at the box office and when that money starts coming in what happens next?

There will no doubt be some people in very influential positions in the movie industry that will notice this spike and how will they react? What decisions will be made in regards the big budget movies centered on more a ethnic cast in the future?

It’s no secret that black characters have until recently been very type casted in their roles in big movies with the exception of a few and most films with a black cast where made with a much smaller budget.

This will hopefully be the movie that opens the door for not only black but all other ethnicities with a rich cultural heritage and a story to tell.

If “money talks” and profitability is the main focus of these big companies they will have to have a real good reason to pass up on this potential goldmine!

“Oh here is the pic btw!”

See you in Wakanda

DAY 29

For today’s submission the word was “united”. I was going to attempt the emblem of a certain football team in Manchester but where is the fun in that?! 

These two are my top ranked samurai. If I was into animation I’d love to make a shot film of them fighting one on one but if they joined forces?! 
That would be something special…