DAY 31

So the month has now passed..

31 days, 31 words 31 pieces of art. All with different workflows, mediums and time to complete between life in general.


Simply put, the main thing I’ve taken away from this year’s inktober challenge is ‘time management’

Finding that balance between work and life is more important than ever. If your young and use your time wisely your older self will look back and thank you for it.

I don’t think my abilities have grown as an artist by doing this challenge but I now have a better idea of what I need to do more of “and less of” to continue my growth.

DAY 30

I won’t lie… I really wanted to have a free day today and somehow find a way to tie it into today’s word “found” 

So here we go….

 The months of waiting had finally paid off… Information from the sword merchant was accurate and the ninja had finally hunted down his target. 

The last of the 9 sword masters had been found at last. 

He waited for his moment to strike knowing certain death was unavoidable regardless of the out come. Surrounded by his elite guards the ninja’s timing had to be perfect. Just one one opening was all he needed. 

 What happened next was never spoke of… 

DAY 29

For today’s submission the word was “united”. I was going to attempt the emblem of a certain football team in Manchester but where is the fun in that?! 

These two are my top ranked samurai. If I was into animation I’d love to make a shot film of them fighting one on one but if they joined forces?! 
That would be something special…

DAY 27

27 days in… The end is just round the corner and this piece is quite fitting… Back when I started this inktober challenge, on day one my 1st attempt was something I did with little preparation or planning. 

As the month slowly passed, I found myself committing a little more time each day and trying to better myself. Other talented artists uploading their work continued to be a source of inspiration so it became a simple question…

“How high am I willing to climb?”

DAY 26

If your following the official list for Inktober you know this is probably the most obvious choice for today’s prompt. 

I wanted to make it a little more interesting than a 🐁 so a little dark humour? 

A poor guy caught stealing a giant rats cheese? 

DAY 25

For today’s submission I had to do do a little research. Drawing ship’s is something I haven’t done since I was a kid and after a few fail attempts I went and did a little research. 

I was absolutely blown away by some of the floating mansions I came across. It’s another harsh contrast of the few that can afford such luxury while so many others struggle in poverty. 

I believe in success and rewards but it’s gotta take a special kind of person to live a lavish lifestyle and not think about the people with nothing they could easily help… 
But enough of that! It’s day 25… It’s a ship…