Some random advise… (take it or leave it)

I really need to give more attention to my own damn site!!! Its been MONTHS! Still I see some new followers? “Are you real or bots?!”

Either way, welcome. I’ve been busy



Some people learn this skill sooner rather than later in life but it still remains one of the most valuable life lessons no matter what age.

“Sooner would be better though”

We all at some point think we know how everything works, it’s only when we have done it “our way” and failed do we decide to take the opinions of others more seriously. The key thing I realised towards my late 20’s is that I had become the person I didn’t use to listen to. Speaking to my younger family members, offering advice based on my experiences and receiving the same kind of look I used to give others.

“You don’t know what your on about”

“Things are different now”

“I’m gonna do it my way”

These are a few of the most memorable responses I can recall. What usually followed was a chain of events and lessons learned the hard way that resulted me being told.

“You had a point back then…..” or “Maybe I should have taken some of your advice….”

Lessons from experience lessen the likelihood of the same mistakes being made. Maybe a few new mistakes! but it’s better to make informed decisions I think. I now try to gain at the very least a little knowledge on things I am planning to try, getting information from people who have walked a similar path before. Inspired by their successes and mindful of their failures.

We have access to unlimited knowledge via the internet so between looking at the latest trending topic or viral video, take a moment to think about the research and planning that has gone into the content & media you are consuming. Somewhere there is a team of people who have become very efficient at creating and or distributing it. I’m sure they researched, took advice from someone or made many mistakes to get the formula just right.

Make the decisions now, you will thank yourself for in the next 5 or 10 years.

Wonder Woman

I saw the reviews, I couldn’t believe it was as bad as people were making out. Justice League clocked in at just under 2 hours in run time and they did a fairly good job introducing 3 additional characters to the story. It wasn’t perfect but the biggest crime was the CGI mustache removal!

I went in with an open mind and walked out feeling like I got my monies worth at least. I didn’t want to compare it to any for the avengers movies as they approached it in a completely different way.

I have always wondered why DC or Warner Bros decided to rush their movies out after they saw what avengers did. Fan’s would have gladly gone to the individual characters standalone movies before the team united, even if it took years to build up. Was it to be in direct competition with Marvel who had a built up years of a head start over them? Probably…..


But back to the point. I watched it, thought it was ok and when I got home I was motivated to add some colour to old sketch of Wonder Woman.


Many artists probably know that from all the work they produce, a handful will stand out from the others. For me this was one of them. I started the initial sketch and wanted as much feedback as possible from my art fans as well as artists I looked up to and it was a great experience. I probably re-worked the pose and face 5 or 6 times before the feedback I received was positive enough for me to commit to the lines.

Working this way allowed me to find imperfections I would have probably missed on my own and the end result showed this.


The plan was to then add ink and finally colour but life tends to get in the way of a well laid plan and by the time I had a window to work on it again I was already working on other things so never got round to it.


Time management has always been one of the biggest challenges for me to keep the creative dreams alive. Work and family time will always be the priority for me but that doesn’t mean I have to stop doing what I enjoy. I just have to be tactical about how I approach it. im sat writing this blog at 7:15am after getting up at 5:30am before the rest of the house wakes up. Finished off a piece of artwork uninterrupted and still get everything done that I need to today.


I didn’t end up giving it the refined inking that I planned or the time consuming colours either but I did find a new way of working that still gets the job done and sometimes that’s more important than not making a start at all.

I’m still refining how I manage my time and hope to make more videos, music, tutorials and blogs too but i’m off to a good start. No new year’s resolutions for me next year. Just keep learning and improving one day at a time.

Where can I get some free time?!

I need some free time, cant any one spare me a few days? Its the one thing,s I have come to appreciate the older I have gotten while at the same time, seen less and less made made available to me. Work and family are two commitments that I can’t skip on for obvious reasons so better time management is the only option I have left at my disposal. Working on a few commissions in traditional art has kept me away from my laptop and all the digital tools for quite a while. Making a return always feels a bit rusty and by the time that passes if i make a return to traditional it’s the same thing.

So the cycle continues until I find a way to progress in both digital and traditional with the same amount of free time. A clone would be a good option as I could send him to work for me but I think that might be a few years off.

Working from imagination knowing the camera is watching made me procrastinate less than I usually do so I may try this again in the future.

I don’t regret what I did with my free time when I had more of it but if I knew how little I would have left when responsibilities became a priority I sure would have used it differently.

You have been warned….

“On a side note”

I have finally managed to get my music store up and running!!!